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I'm Dr Joe Cangas, a board certified pediatrician, healthcare commercial real estate agent,  and US Army Veteran.  With the ever-changing landscape in healthcare, rising insurance and medical costs, and a lack of personalized care, I recently transitioned to concierge/in-home care. Visit Dr Joe Pediatrics to learn more about my Concierge practice

While I don't consider myself to be a holistic pediatrician, I do like to focus on lifestyle modification before jumping to medications. I also realize that my job is to give you advice and not pressure you to do things you aren't comfortable with.  While I encourage routine vaccinations, I support your medical freedom.

As a healthcare real estate agent, I  also help doctors in purchasing and leasing space for their practice, and lease renewal negotiations.  Learn more here. And, I've put together a list of trusted lenders and vendors for docs looking to purchase or lease space at CREMD.

Medical School - University of Illinois

Residency in Pediatrics - University of Missouri

Medical Licence- Missouri and Illinois

Real Estate License- Missouri

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